Reindeer Rampant

So I guess I’m a bit of a rebel, posting here on GOT night. But it’s early in the evening, and it’ s a quick post, so that makes it easier for JALC and GOT to co-exist in the same evening.

No new books, and one new movie that I won’t talk about yet.(1) But I did finish a stitching project.


Tonight’s post title is, obviously, an attempt to whimsically describe the image using heraldry language. It’d be a more successful bit of whimsy if I knew for sure what “rampant” meant in heraldry. I know it’s some sort of side view, but I’m just waiting for the moment I do further research and discover some error or other in me applying that term to this particular image.

But that moment will not be tonight.(2)

This is the first stitching project I’ve completed in quite a while. I can’t even say exactly why I fell away for so long. Part of it was my changing eyesight—my best stitching time was always in front of the TV, but my aging eyes had made it impossible for me to do that. You see, I needed my glasses on to see the TV screen (distance), but I more and more needed them off to see my stitching (reading distance). So those damn bifocals have actually had a legitimately positive effect for me!

So, I’m glad, and maybe a little bit proud, to have finished this. I don’t want to trumpet this too loudly, though, because I”m aware of what an amateur-level project it was. Simple cross-stitch on a huge-grain canvas, and with a stylized image that required only 3 colors. There’s so many more intricate and impressive needlework projects out there—or, quite honestly, right here.

By which I mean: hanging on our wall from back when I did this stuff for real.

Still, I’m trying to allow myself the happy feeling of accomplishment, even as I move onto my next super-easy-but-slightly-more-challenging project. Same hug-grain canvas, same simple cross stitch, but a more intricate geometric deign, using 6 colors instead of 3.

Amateur hour, for sure, but a step forward.


(1) Avengers: Endgame, but I’m not gonna get spoilericious for about another week or so.

(2) Doing research works against the necessity of a quick post, so I am tamping down on my usual scholarly impulses.


Image credit: Photo taken by the author, subject to a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

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