These Two Feet

Well, I made good progress in the “goddess room” today. It’s still not together enough for me to take a photo to show off my accomplishment. I’d say the job is about halfway done. I also spent slices of time doing some organizational work elsewhere in the house.

Including cleaning out my sock drawer.

You may recall I mentioned beautifying one’s sock drawer as one of the concrete homework suggestions coming out of my first Mama Gena weekend. Obviously, I completely overshot that goal when I decided to focus on my goddess room instead, but circling back on that specific suggestion actually turned out to be relevant today.

You see, some of the crap piled up in my goddess room included clothes that needed putting away–and that pile of clothes included some new socks that I purchased not-so-very-long-ago.


Now, the sock drawer was already over-full, so in order to make room for these new pairs, I finally had to confront the Life-Exceeding Quantity of socks already in there. And all of that meant that a side-trip into sock-land was, indeed, relevant for my primary goal of reclaiming my goddess room. So I quite literally dumped everything from the sock drawer out onto the bed and probably got rid of 25%-30% of what I had.

(For the record, I did not use the famous “Kondo fold” to return the socks that survived this mini-purge. All I know about that is that it exists. I couldn’t tell you a darn thing about how to do it—or, more importantly, why.)

I’m sure I still have more than LEQ of socks, especially since I had those new socks to put into the drawer as soon as I’d cleared space. But, I’ll take any win I can get when it comes to this whole decluttering thing.

I was also struck my how much easier it was to do this on one of our doggie daycare days. We often take her Pupness to daycare on Saturdays for extra exercise and socialization. So assuming we keep that little tradition going, I might try to dump out and purge a different bureau drawer each week while she’s gone.

Who knows? Once I’ve done a first cycle of clearing out each bureau drawer, I might have enough accumulated courage to make some deeper cuts in a Round 2.


Image credit: Flickr user Chris Goldberg, via a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic license.

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