Reclaiming My Space

Words can scarcely describe how grateful I am to be home again. Over the last week, I covered 1,500 miles and 4 big cities (if you count my Boston originating and end-point). Every leg of the trip was worthwhile, but add all those miles and unfamiliar residences together and a girl just gets tired, you know?(1)

So I’m glad it’s the weekend, and also that the unique Massachusetts tradition of Patriots’ Day means I can stay mostly in nesting mode for the next 3 days.

And I know exactly what I want to do with the time.

Our house has three “bedrooms” in it, and when we purchased it, we knew exactly what we were going to do with those three rooms. The main bedroom is, in fact, our bedroom (no shocker there). The second “bedroom” has a beautiful big built-in desk, so Mr. Mezzo uses that as his office (he works from home every day) and mini-“man-cave.” He does yoga in there, has a bookcase with his favorite books and such—stuff like that.

Bedroom #3 is meant to be a similar place for me. A smaller desk (since I only work from home now and again), bookcases for some of my favorite things, cabinets for all my tarot/oracle decks and candles/oils/witchy stuff, and a daybed–both for the few times we are hosting overnight guests, but also as a place for me to read, or journal, or meditate.

But the accumulation of not-put-away stuff and the clutter piles have gotten to a place where only the desk in here is usable, and that only just barely.

I’m trying to figure out exactly how courageous I am here. Am I willing to share a picture of exactly how messy this room has become? Or would I rather just pull a openly-licensed picture of a trash heap in order to get the idea across?

How about an artful close-up that hints at the enormity of the problem without exposing all my shame?


One of the assignments coming out of my first weekend with Mama Gena is to beautify some of my physical spaces.(2) Your wardrobe, your closet, your sock drawer, your cubicle at work–whatever small corner of your world would help you build a sense of joy and pleasure in your day-to-day life.

Now, this room isn’t a small corner of my world or an especially easy project, not by any means. But I have been so distraught for so long about the ways I’ve neglected my dream of having a “goddess room” in the house that it feels like the right focus for my weekend.

So that’s the plan.

More beauty, more joy!


(1) The fabulous polka-dotted suitcase did continue to garner admiration and attention throughout.

(2) I’m paraphrasing. To quote directly would launch a whole other post I haven’t figured out how to write yet.


Image credit: Photo taken by the author, subject to a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.


2 thoughts on “Reclaiming My Space

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