Adding things up

So the counting continues, as far as individual votes and electoral votes are concerned.

And I am all for that.

A red, white, and blue cartoon image of The Count character from Sesame Street, pointing to a sign that reads "Count Every Vote"
#CountEveryVote because #EveryVoteCounts

But I’m choosing to post about some other numbers I’m paying attention to tonight. (Cos it’s allll about the distraction.)

Here’s some daily goals, in the spirit of making regular progress towards cleaning up our depression-pit of a house, and adding a spice of fun to life by getting an early start on Solstice decorating*:

  • 3: the number of Solstice Village buildings unpacked and set up. (Check.)
  • 10: pieces of laundry folded at put away. (Current count: 4)
  • 10: the number of minutes spent washing dishes and/or cleaning the kitchen. (Check.)

Most of these are done (yay me!), though I’m aware that if I’m really gonna get things pulled together, I probably need to have more daily goals, or more aggressive daily goals, or probably both.

Instead, let me share some additional creative/self-care goals & figures:

  • 3: the number of pages I want to write in in my pen & paper journal**
  • 2: the Act of Henry VIII I’ll be reading tonight for Project the Second.***
  • 7: the number of days before I have to return Kamala Harris’ memoir back to the library
  • 1: the cup of hot chocolate I’m about to brew up as dessert
  • 10:30: my lights-out goal

Yes, dear reader, these are all the things I’m counting on to get me through till the rest of the other counting is done.

Every vote matters, and I’m willing to wait for them. Doesn’t mean the waiting is easy.


* Another post for another day.

** A holdover habit from way WAY back and Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way.

*** Or should that be “II”?


Image credit: Twitter user Henry Pfeiffer.

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