Bedtime in limbo

I watched the election results for a couple hours. Then I wandered off to enjoy some Graham Norton clips on Youtube, and now I’m toddling off to bed.

We’re exactly where I thought we’d be. We’re exactly where I’ve told everyone we’d be.*

A picture of a highway leading off into the distance. A large question mark is in the foreground of the photo, superimposed over the yellow lines of the road.
Outlook unclear

We don’t have an answer, we probably won’t have an answer for several days, because a few key states need to count all their absentee ballots.

But here’s my vulnerable admission: somewhere in the very back of my mind and the very bottom of my heart, I guess I’d wished that this would just be a BLOWOUT for the forces of inclusion and empathy.

I know there’s still a viable path for Biden to win, and I’ll keep my energies focused on that outcome. But seeing the states that have already been called for Cheeto POTUS… Even though they’re states that went for him last time, even though they’re states I intellectually expected would go for him this time.

It breaks my heart a little bit to see the hundreds and thousands of people who remain willing to support this cancer on the presidency and all of the appalling morals—more precisely, the lack thereof—that he exemplifies.

America, I’m disappointed in you.


* And, as one of the politics junkies in my circle of friends and co-workers, I’ve been offering this prediction a LOT.


Image credit: Pxfuel, open license.

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