A Test of Courage

QUICK HIT: Approaching all-nighter territory, so it’s a super quick post and then a brief nap before I dive into the to-do list.

In addition to work stuff, tonight is a different kind of acid test.

In the interest of still trying to keep self-care as a priority, I did go to my usual Tuesday night beginner yoga class. (1) And I sucked ass at it. There’s all sorts of co-factors, I’m sure: I’m stressed, I’m tense, I’m stiff, I haven’t been sleeping well (2)…. It’s not really surprising how poor my form was and how minimally I was able to go into the stretches/asanas.

Not surprising, but still damn well discouraging. My one comfort is that there were a couple stretches from the beginning of class that we repeated at the end of the hour, and I was able to sink a tiny bit further in during that second round.

So here it is. Lots of temptation to hide out, stop going to class, to give up.


I’m hoping not to fall into that trap. My immediate plan to “get back up on the horse” is to give myself tomorrow night as a recovery day and then to try class again on Thursday after work.

Screwing my courage to the sticking point and all that. Here’s hoping I pull it off.


(1) If you can call a three-week-old habit something “usual.”

(2) Playing through the to-do list in my head every night.


Image credit: Pixabay user geralt, via the Pixabay License.

2 thoughts on “A Test of Courage

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