Taking this Show on the Road

The next ten days or so are going to be a true acid test for this new “write every day” pledge. We’ve got a quick weekend trip to see the Harry Potter Exhibit in NYC, and then the exact next day after getting home from that, I’m off for a six-day business trip.*

Ages ago, when I had a long vacation planned, I wrote a short series of things to auto-post while I was abroad. (Admittedly, the execution of that idea was a touch shaky, but hey: points for trying?) I’m sure the almost-daily ritual of me whining about not having a surplus of blogging ideas will give you a solid read on the current situation.

No, Virginia, I do not have any extra posts in the bank.

So either I keep writing real-time during a very busy stretch of days, or I’m officially off the wagon. (The wheels are officially off the cart? Take your pick.)


Now, I am reminding myself that my initial pledge was simply to do some writing somewhere each day. Which means that even if I just write a few sentences in my journal each day, that would squeak me through on a technicality.

Still, I have truly been enjoying the strange sense of accomplishment I’ve enjoyed from posting on JALC each day. The sense of writing something at least a little bit substantive each day: and writing something that, however half-baked or half-assed it may be, I hit “Publish” on and send out into the world.

I hope I’ll find a way to sustain that momentum. (If not every day, then maybe more days than not?) I honestly haven’t the slightest sense of what my odds are for pulling this off.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it all shakes out.


* To glamorous Indiana. Non-profit life is the shizzle, right?


Image credit: Pxhere, public domain.

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