Not really feeling it

I’ve been a very lazy blogger this week. Took Wednesday off—the dog was all snuggly in my lap and I didn’t have the heart to displace her. And honestly, most Wednesday nights, Mr. Mezz plays D&D with his friends, so I might just plan for that to be a semi-regular night off while I dog-sit.

A picture of our dog, Cinnamon, lying right on top of my calf and foot as she sits in my lap.
See how she lies down right ON my foot? “You’re not going anywhere!”

And then I took last night off, because…


What the hell were we doing last night?

I know we watched something on DVR together, and then I watched Grey’s Anatomy on my own. But what was it we watched together? It was more than a regular length TV show.

(This is not a great sign about my current headspace.)

Okay, I checked in with Mr. Mezz, who reminded me that we watched the One Night Only: The Best of Broadway special that was broadcast on Thursday night.

Nighttime photo of the Broadway theaters on West 45th Street (George Abbott Way) in New York City.

So at least that’s settled.

Ultimately, I’ve just been in more of a watching than a writing mood these past few days. Or, more accurately, I’ve been more in consumer than creation mode. Watching the ninety-eleven holiday specials I’ve been taping, planning my reading lists for next year’s challenges,* making sure I finish strong on Shakes 2020.

These activities could turn into content if I wanted it to. But I’ve not been feeling it all that much.

I’m sure my mood will shift again and I’ll be eager to share my new film and book reviews. And maybe even to talk about the current, continuing foolishness of the presidential transition.

Just not tonight. So in lieu of more of my own content, here’s a few reminders of what I love about Broadway musicals.

Catch y’all on the flip side!


* Yes, challenges, plural. Don’t know how seriously I’m gonna take the other two, but I do have a pretty complete plan for all 3.


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