Friday was another one of my extra days off. I had the best intentions for my 3-day weekend: more Solstice decorating, maybe even getting some extra posts written/started so I can get closer to the pace of 1 post per day.

Instead, I got my shingles vaccine late Friday morning.

A closeup of a pair of hands, drawing medicine from a vial into a syringe.
And that was the weekend

Now, I’m not complaining. I’m a fan of vaccination, and everything I’ve heard from folks who have had shingles for real is that it is NOT an experience I want to have.

I’m also lucky in that I have a pretty mild reaction to the vaccination itself.* Unlike those who experience more severe side effects for a couple of days—shivers, fever, nausea—all I have to deal with is ongoing muscle pain at the injection site** and a lot of sleepiness.

And honestly, it’s hard for me to tell how much of my weekend sleepies was literally because of the shot, and how much of it was the turn to cold weather.

It’s been a very cozy and cuddly few days, y’all. The extra fuzzy blankets have been pulled out of the closet and piled onto the bed. Last weekend’s electoral victory even left me feeling calm enough to unplug from the news for these few days.

So all in all: it felt like the perfect stretch of days to tuck myself away in a blanket fort—figuratively speaking, at least.

Photo taken from the inside of a blanket fort. Sunlit windows can be seen through the white blankets suspended above the camera's position, which are also adorned with stings of decorative lights.

I gamed, I read, I watched some TV. Pretty darn delightful.

On the gaming front, I’m newly obsessed with Funko Pop Blitz. I’m also a bit cheesed that discovering a game only a month*** after its launch means I’ve already missed out on the chance to earn certain characters—like injured Ian Malcolm!!!

With reading, I haven’t yet finished anything that can be reviewed here, though I’m hoping to fix that shortly. I’ve been focusing mainly on catching up on “Shakespeare Project the Second,” but this weekend’s leisure time also allowed me to trade off between the Bard and Kamala Harris’s memoir. I’ve been making good enough progress there that I hope to finish it in a few more days.

On the TV front, my curiosity about how TV medical dramas would address COVID brought me back to Shondaland long enough to watch the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. I also—finally!—got back to my 100 Movies Bucket List poster and checked off a new-to-me title.

It wasn’t the weekend I expected to have but I can’t fault myself for it. Maybe I’ll get some extra posts written and in the queue when I have time off for Thanksgiving….


* This was shot #2 in the series, and the mild reaction carried through both times.

** Still feeling that tonight.

*** ONE. Month!!!


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