The COVID Diaries

Yeah, about 10 days ago, I said I was gonna have a lot to say about COVID-19 and then I got quiet instead.

Part of that was my general sense of it being fruitless to post. You see, two Fridays ago, I was feeling super-frustrated. I don’t pretend to be a huge expert or anything, but I know enough about epidemiology that I was already clocked in (right around the start of March) to understand how serious this all was.

But I wasn’t seeing a similar awareness in my surroundings—not at the local, regional, or national level.

So I was feeling increasingly tense and stressed and frustrated at my Cassandra-like status and I was in the mood for a big ol’ superiority rant. I was probably gonna link to  every data scientist’s analysis I’d been reading* and yell and scream to the effect of:

Don’t you people get it!?!? This shit is REAL!

But right after my last post is when things began to sink in: locally, regionally, and federally.** And now here we are.


Now, no one likes a scold. And even though I can do “superior bitch” as well as anyone, I just didn’t have the energy to re-litigate the importance of this crisis just at the moment when folks were acknowledging that importance.

Hence: my sense that it was kind of futile to be posting a COVID-19 rant that wasn’t going to be much more than a theatrical

I told you so.

(And of what possible use would THAT have been?)

Besides, I needed the week—well, a bit more than a week, if anyone’s counting—-to begin wrapping my brain around this new normal.

Not that we’re really stabilized into a new normal yet. Let’s just say: this new whatever-we’re-in.

I imagine I’ll be drawn to do more of a diary/memoir type of blog in the days and weeks to come. Everyone I know is already so deep in the rabbit-hole of news coverage, and the rabbit-hole of coverage is sooooooooo deep, that I have a hard time imagining that I’m gonna have some “hot take” on the news that hasn’t already been took to boiling.

But as a way to write through my own experiences of this pandemic? And—I hope—a way to share whatever insights or comforts I can with any readers who stumble across this trail of digital breadcrumbs?

Yeah, that’s a reason worth writing for.

Stay safe out there, folks.

Or, as Sgt. Esterhaus always said:


* Which woulda been a long-ass bunch of links.

** Eventually. Sigh.


Image credit: Pixabay. Free to use.

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