All the Feelings and All the Ice Cream

Well, I’d assumed that today would be my first angry post about the presidential primaries. But then this happened:


And I realized that I’d be having a much more complicated kind of day, emotionally speaking.*


So, what did I do?

I went over the Warren’s website and rage-bought a bunch more swag. It’s only going to be up through the weekend, so I may go spend more money tomorrow or Saturday.

I obsessively read opinion pieces, FB posts, and hot takes on twitter, leaving approximately a kajillion tabs open on my browser to use for tonight’s blogpost.

And through the time between when the news broke a bit before noon and now, I have managed to consume an entire pint of ice cream.

I’m not proud about this, but it’s real

(Nope, that’s not the best choice for someone who’s supposed to be watching her sugar intake. Oh well. Also: there’s no more ice cream in the house, so I’ll watch my sugar responsibly for the next little while.)

I have so many thought and emotions swirling that it’s not in my current capacity to have a nicely organized essay with some main point or organizing theme. Well, I guess there’s an organizing theme.

So I don’t quite know what else to say here.

And it’s late and I should probably try to get a good night’s sleep at some point this week.**

So let me dip into only one of my kajillion browser tabs to share this quote from Elie Mystal in The Nation:

But what makes the Warren experience all the more frustrating is that she is the candidate Democrats asked for back in 2016. This is the candidate Democrats said they wanted when they were busy calling Hillary Clinton “inauthentic” and “uninspiring” and “pandering.” She was the candidate progressives used to explain that, while Clinton was a “corrupt, neoliberal shill,” they were totally not sexist and would vote for some other woman.

Elizabeth Warren was the “Stacey Abrams” of 2016: the woman, not in the race, that people who are voting for men say they would totally vote for if she would just run. I’m sure by 2024, these same people will find all sorts of problems with Abrams. I know they will, because they always find a problem with a woman once she’s actually asking for power.

Whatever else I write, whomever else I quote, this is it in a nutshell. This is what fills me with equal parts of rage and sorrow.

I may have more to say in days to come. Or I may end up just closing these kajillion browser tabs unused because there’s nothing more that feels worth saying.

For now, I just want to go scream into the void.



* Let’s go through all the Kubler Ross stages at once! It’ll be fun!!!

** Trying times tend to bring back my insomnia. Quelle surprise.


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