Taking Flight into the 20s

So Sherri, how did that 2019 blogging experiment of yours end up?

I daresay the fact that my last post was almost-literally six months ago answers that question.

Its not that surprising. Shortly after that last post went up, I joined the RED Sisterhood team, helping support my wonderful teacher and mentor, Kristin Sweeting Morelli, in sharing her genius for women’s empowerment and women stepping into their feminine power.

Since I’m an integrous person and my primary professional responsibility is to my “9-to-5” job, I’ve only been helping Kristin out on evenings and weekends. But, when you add those evening and weekend hours on top of my 9-to-5 schedule and on top of the evening and weekend hours I sometimes(1) have to give to my non-profit job — well, it’s unsurprising I haven’t had a lot of recreational writing time.

So why am I back here?

Call it a New Year’s thing.

2019 departures

No, I still don’t do New Year’s resolutions. But the last two years, Kristin has led the RED Sisterhood through the 5 Wishes process (written up by Gay Hendricks in this book) on New Year’s Day. Last year, one of my wishes had to do with using my creative talents to support a community of readers and learners.

Looking back, I’m astonished to see how much working for Team RED has been a fulfillment of that wish. A year ago, I had no idea Kristin would even be adding to her team, let alone that I might be invited to contribute in that way.(2)

But during this year’s wishes process, I was feeling an immense desire to be able both to support Team RED and also be creating my own content. Or, in plainer English: to be doing my own writing again.

So, I’m back. At least for the moment.

I have lots of fear about trying and failing at this writing experiment yet again. But I can either recommit to my writing and take the chance that I won’t write as much as I’m hoping to, or I can not recommit to writing and then I’ve guaranteed that I won’t write one blessed thing.

Which of those two options am I more likely to regret?

Since there’s text here on the screen, I think you can guess the answer.


(1) *cough*OFTEN*cough*

(2) SO much gratitude here.


Image credit: KLM Airlines on Giphy. Used without permission.

2 thoughts on “Taking Flight into the 20s

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