The Shirt Off My Back

QUICK HIT: Still deep in deadline-land.

I’ve posted now and again about the general clutteredness of my life: too many interests, too much indulging of those diverse interests with too much shopping.(1) Mix in some mild hoarding tendencies with not nearly enough free time to dig in for a full “Kondo-ing,” and you can probably get the picture from there.

Obviously, I ain’t been doing any decluttering whilst traversing deadline-land. In all honesty, it’s gonna be a mother-forking miracle if I get laundry done and my suitcase packed before I leave town next week.

But I have been getting an inordinate(2) amount of pleasure from one small victory in this area.

Over the last few years, I’ve seen my sister giving T-shirt quilts as gifts to family: graduation presents for the niece and nephew, old PPP t-shirts for Mom to take to the lake house. A variety of beautiful and really meaningful pieces.

So this year, I asked her what company she was using to make these pieces of cuddly nostalgia, and I purged my drawer of Boston sports fan shirts so I could get my own quilt made. And although the work to purge, choose, and prep the shirts was done rather a while ago, I’m counting it as a small organizational win during this crazy work-time that the finished quilt arrived on Monday.


Now that I’ve fallen in love with this first quilt, my brain is popcorning with more possibilities. #Nerdcore shirts, hippie/goddess/yoga/Life is Good stuff.

Not enough on its own to solve the entire cluttered-house problem. But a useful tool in the toolkit.


(1) After all, I have an entire JALC category about this crap. (Check “Stuff about Stuff” over there in the sidebar if you wish to see more.)

(2) One might even say disproportionate.


Image credit: Photo taken by the author, subject to a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

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