Two of my Favorite Things

QUICK HIT: Yoga class/spring equinox celebration tonight, so that’s my mainone thing” for today. But I did spot one of those little news items that’s worth a wee small commentary….

Last summer, when the hubs and I went to see Hamilton for our anniversary(1), we splurged on one of the cheapest rooms in a charming little place called the Library Hotel. It’s the kind of place that warms the cockles of my literary heart.

Now Boston is upping its own bookish tourism game with the soft launch of the Boston Public Library‘s Map Room Tea Lounge.

As covered in both the Boston Globe and on NECN, the lounge/cafe/bar is fully operational, but decor and other stuff is still being refined day-to-day in advance of an official grand opening somewhere during late May. From a quick look at the menu, I have a half-formed plan in my head of taking a long weekend in the city and having part of the entertainment being high tea followed by literary cocktails at this place.


Now, even though this post’s title might suggest otherwise, I’m not actually that much of a heavy drinker. In fact: I have, embarrassingly enough, reached that stage of middle age where having more than one drink in an evening is a surefire recipe for heartburn.

Still, having a unique, creatively-title cocktail in one of America’s grandest old libraries? Sounds like a little slice of heaven to me.


(1) The 8th anniversary gift is traditionally “linen,” so seeing the work of Lin-Manuel Miranda is close enough, right?


Image credit: The library_tea instagram feed.

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