Midstream Report

So, I’ve been playing hooky from JALC for the weekend.

In large part because I’ve been binge-watching Game of Thrones before the final season premieres a few short weeks from now. This weekend got me to the end of season 6, so I should be able to knock out season 7 between now and April 14. But between all that screen time Friday night and yesterday afternoon, I wasn’t in any sort of mood to be typing on my computer last night.

Instead, I curled up in bed and read a chunk of Wolf Hall. Yes, even in a mode where I’m supposedly lightening up on my reading challenge goals, watch me tackle yet another tome of a book.

I’ve decided I want to hold off on any sort of “review” of GoT till after I’m all the way caught up, and I always wait till a book is finished before making a post here.

Given that I’m very much midstream on all the things, what is there to say here? Join me behind the jump as I figure that out…


I’ve decided my current approach to balancing out my HAES/self-care reading list against my initial challenge plans is going to be by focusing on the books which are already in my personal library. Wolf Hall counts as one of these, but once I finish that, I’ll be skipping over items 12 & 13 on the Around the Year list to go to #14, the next title I personally own. I can always come back and reclaim library-only categories later in the year, if I have the time to work them in prior to December 31st.

In other realms of artistic consumption, I’m trying to figure out how many years it’s going to take me to get through the CD collection on the current alphabetic tour. At this very moment, I am halfway through CD #128, Jon Bellion’s The Human ConditionThat’s not the worst pace in the world, I suppose, what with it only being day #76 in the year. Still. Mid-march and I’m only early in the second letter of the alphabet? I’d best find more places where I can be playing music in my daily routine.

One of the odd side benefits of so much TV time this weekend is that I’ve also been doing a good bit of needlework. Since I’ve been out of the habit for a while, I’m doing a super-easy project to get back in the habit. It’s a simple pillow top: 3-color design, easy stitching, large canvas count. Having said that, it still feels really nice to be making this with my own two hands, and to be able to picture the completed pillow decorating one of the living room couches some time next winter.

Now all I need to do is learn how to sew a mother-forking pillow together after I finish the needlepoint part. Anyone have a sewing machine I can borrow?


Image credit: Geograph photographer Colin Smith, via a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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