Limping into 2015

I’m not one for making New Year’s Resolutions. But I’ve built up a handful of New Year’s traditions over the decades.

There’s the cliched gestures of celebrations — a good bottle of champagne, watching the countdown on TV, a shared kiss with Mr. Mezzo as one year turns to another. There’s also more idiosyncratic and introspective rituals — journal-writing, drawing a Tao card to discern the theme/intention for my year.

But however cliched, common, introspective or idiosyncratic, I have an entire bushel of New Year’s traditions that’s been a little bit off-track.

Because I slid into 2015 in much the same state I was recently bemoaning from so much of my 2014 experience: sick.

Mr. Mezzo and I were exposed to 2 or 3 different sets of kid-germs during our Christmas travels. I’m not sure if your experience with baby-germs tracks with mine, but over the years I have come to believe that baby-borne-germs are the germs to which I am most susceptible. So I wasn’t entirely surprised when some sort of cold/flu/sinus thing started rolling into my skull cavities last Tuesday evening. Since the office closed early on the 31st, I was able to swing by the store for various home-remedy ingredients and still be home and napping by 2 PM. I crawled out of bed long enough to watch the Bruins game (a new NYE tradition from our move to Boston), but as soon as the Maple Leafs scored the winning goal,* I was back in bed. And that is where Mr. Mezzo and I spent most of the next four days.

Let me be perfectly clear. This isn’t the charming/sexy “having a bit of a lie-in” like Hugh Laurie and Imelda Staunton have in Peter’s Friends:

Au contraire. This is the Nyquil-chugging, sniffling, snoring, a separate box of kleenex for each side of the bed kind of “lie-in,” interspersed with short stretches of time draped across the living room furniture (for a change of pace) and dealing with essential household tasks (Mr. Mezzo went from better to worse, so he held down the fort on Thursday and Friday, while my trajectory went from worse to not-quite-as-bad, so I tried to take care of things on Saturday and Sunday).




Our bottle of Veuve is still chilling, awaiting the moment when we have clear enough sinuses to taste the bubbly; my journal has not been opened or written in since before Christmas; and those Tao cards? may just have to wait until next weekend.

If nothing else, I take comfort in knowing how many friends and colleagues have also been wrestling with illness, both when I had that stomach bug in mid-December and most recently. Lots of cases of bronchitis and such in our circle of acquaintance. Not that I actively enjoy the thought of other people’s suffering. But in a headspace where every cough or sniffle raises my anxiety threshold about the possible links between depression and immune system suppression, which then gets me worried about my inherent “weakness” — being both sick in the head and physically frail — well, in that context, being “in good company” with an illness helps me realize that maybe, instead of this being a result of my embarrassing weaknesses, it might just be a pesky bug.

That’s an answer I can deal with.

In other (abbreviated) news: I’m going to restart the motors here at JALC (and over at Will4Will). In part, I’ll do so by re-instating my “no TV after 7 PM” guideline. I’m also going to be jumping back into the Blogging 101 challenge I had to bail on back at the end of September. Now, I’m already a wee bit behind schedule, since Blogging 101 started yesterday and I won’t be digging in until tomorrow — but these first few assignments are the ones I completed back in the fall, so I think it’ll all balance out.

* For the record: I hate the shoot-out.


Image credit: giphy. (Hey Arnold, Parks & Rec, Peter Pan)

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