Sliding Into Home

Even though I tried to be careful in planning my re-entry from the detox “kickoff” trip, I gotta say that I am exhausted here at the end of the (abbreviated) work week. I’m also having another day where the bodily effects of the detox are in my awareness as mild aches and, more than than that, just a general logy feeling.

So right now, I’m contemplating between two options:

  1. Taking an Epsom & baking soda detox bath before going to bed; or
  2. Just going straight to bed and leaving the bath for tomorrow

You will notice that “blogging” does not hold a prominent  place on my tentative agenda for the evening, which is why I’m writing this brief “why I’m not posting” post.

In apologies for my slackerness, here’s a video from Pentatonix:

(Tickets to see them next Saturday! Yay!!)


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