Cast(or)ing About

One of my coaches has been suggesting that I try doing some castor oil packs.

According to Greenster:

One of the most effective health recommendations made by naturopaths is the daily use of castor oil packs. It’s also one of the most mysterious and least well known.

As with many beneficial remedies in naturopathic medicine, there’s not a ton of scientific research surrounding this practice. Its effectiveness is mostly anecdotal and passed down due to repeated clinical success. I would venture to say that the reason for this is that not much money would be made on using castor oil…and that using it takes a little half hour out of your day, which most people insist they don’t have.  But all joking aside, castor oil has been used for thousands of years for a variety of different conditions.

So, once I get over my initial rush of panic at trying something so new and unfamiliar to me, I’m off to run a little experiment, and will report back when I’m done.

Wish me luck!


I’m back!!

A bottle of castor oilOkay, some first, unorganized thoughts…

Thought the first. More logistical awkwardness than I’d expected. I’d forgotten about my general aversion to slimy textures, so I’m sure I under-saturated my flannel, because ew!

I also don’t think the directions I was following are necessarily the best for curvy gals — I feel as if I would need to be an octopus to be able to do everything required to get the flannel applied:

  1. hold shirt out of the way
  2. hold boobs out of the way
  3. apply flannel
  4. hold flannel in place while still holding shirt and boobs out of the way
  5. wrap lower torso in saran wrap to hold flannel in place — while still holding shirt and boobs out of the way…

(I ended up hollering for Mr. Mezzo to come help me truss myself in plastic wrap, which was only ever-so-slightly embarrassing. I love my husband, and I am rather appreciative that he loves me enough to handle this with grace.)

I am sure these logistical matters will become easier as I get more experience with this.
Thought the second. The plastic wrap in the house is extra sticky so it clings better for food storage, which means it was veritably adhesive on my skin. May buy some of the cheap stuff that sucks for food storage but won’t hurt quite so much like a mofo when I take it off.
Thought the third. Baby wipes are the bomb. That is all.
Thought the fourth. I’d been afraid of getting bored having to lie down and not move for 45 minutes. I’d even given myself permission to stop at 30 on this first try, if I was beginning to get antsy. But with my book and iPad nearby, the time passed rather pleasantly.
Final thoughts. So…did it do anything?  That I do not yet know.
Obviously, I didn’t expect any instantaneous results, so I’ll just keep paying attention as I do more of these. I will say that my stomach kept gurgling while the pack was applied. (Or something in my abdomen.) And I don’t normally gurgle like that, so it was certainly very interesting to have this new thing happening in such direct conjunction with the timing of the pack.

3 thoughts on “Cast(or)ing About

  1. Boobs…yes. They get in the way quite often. Now, what are Caster Oil Pack supposed to do? My grammy used to threaten up with Doses of Caster Oil…It is used as a laxative when taken internally. (If you managed to get it down..*barf*)


  2. From the little bit of research I’ve done so far, it seems as if the trend has strongly moved away from the idea of taking castor oil internally. Externally, it’s supposed to help with digestion, circulation, and lymphatic drainage. (I will need to do more research to understand what “lymphatic drainage” is and why it matters.)


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