Are You In Or Are You Out?

With the demise of Google Reader (my long-ago link into the blogosphere), I’ve been trying to work out whether the Fatosphere blog feed is still operational, and whether “Just Another Lifestyle Change” is still in the club.

As best as I can make out, the answer to the first question is a double “yes” (double on account of availability in both feedly and blogspot flavors), while the answer to question #2 is, I think, a “no.” Evidence for that latter theory: my “I’m back” post from last night hasn’t hit the feed, leading me to guess that years of silence led to my blog being culled from the feed on account of appalling inactivity. (It is also possible that new posts are now manually moderated for inclusion into the feed resulting in an inevitable time lag, but I think that’s less likely.)

In all honestly, I think I’m more relieved than disappointed at the notion of having been edited out of the feed. There’s certainly part of me that would have liked to still be there, cos hey! more potential readers. But I’m also aware that during the past week, as I was actively contemplating starting writing here again, that I delayed and procrastinated a tiny bit for fear that I was still in the feed.

Don’t get me wrong: I am still very committed to the ideals of fat acceptance/size acceptance as I understand them, and I expect that as the weeks and months go on that I’ll have opportunities to explore those topics.

But — even though all the conventional wisdom is about finding your bloggy niche and sticking to it — I don’t want to just be writing about fat acceptance topics here.

For example, if I’m reading a really interesting book that’s marking a distinction between “happiness” and “pleasure,” and I want to contemplate the overlaps with my own noodlings about living on mission, I don’t want to censor that line of exploration simply because it’s not a “fatosphere” kind of post.

More pressingly, I’m about to spend some time actively learning about and exploring different methods for physical detox. And this is going to include some serious work on the huge percentage of processed food and sugar in my diet.

I know to my core that my detox journey is not for the purpose of losing weight. But I know it is possible that my weight may fluctuate or drop in this experiment, and I also know that the dominant discourse around detoxing in the U.S. culture is all about weight loss. So I imagine that me describing my detox journey on the Fatosphere feed might be a very tricky thing to do — no matter how strong my intention to present the journey through the lens of size acceptance.

So, everything in its rightful place. Including “JALC,” twinkling on its own in the bloggy firmament.


PS, and apropos of nothing aside from a coincidental overlap with my post title: Swedish pop never gets old. Oh ABBA Museum, someday I shall make thee a pilgrimage….

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