Strangers with Expertise

My most recent post was the first one to appear on the Fatosphere and Fat Chat feeds. (Thank you again to Bri for doing the work to maintain them!) If I hadn’t seen that with my own eyes — I happily subscribe to both feeds in google reader — I might have figured it out anyhow on account of some new commenters who stopped by with encouraging words as I faced off against body dysmorphia and some family baggage.

More puzzling to me was the drive-by “just lose the weight” comment that I deleted before it saw the light of day.

The wording itself wasn’t especially interesting (even though I’m kicking myself for having deleted it, thus lessening the accuracy of my reportage these days later). Certainly not as abusive or insulting as I’ve seen hurled at other fatosphere authors. A statement as mild in tone as “just cut the excuses and lose weight,” authored by someone identifying zirself as “fitnessguru.”

All of which is to say: I am emphatically not whining ‘cos someone said something mean to wittle old me. Instead, I am just truly and sincerely puzzled about what reasoning exists behind this gesture. Would someone really follow the FA blog-feed and assume that all the authors there aren’t sincerely FA but are instead simply putting on a brave front until they find the way to become thin again? Would that someone then be so lost in the “thin is the only way!” headspace that they’d then make a habit of targeting FA writers with renewed exhortations to just lose weight?

Here’s where I’m kicking myself that little bit for deleting the comment rather than saving it as blog-fodder. I don’t recall seeing a really blatant push for nutritional or fitness counseling, but with a comment-name like “fitnessguru,” I can’t help wondering at what point the conversation that began with “Cut the excuses!” was going to devolve into the bingo-card entry “I have the answer to being thin: eat less and exercise more!”

Strangers with expertise, wandering by and telling me how I should live my life, since my own priority towards fat acceptance and self-acceptance is totally silly and fucked up.

Frankly, I think I’d rather have the candy.

3 thoughts on “Strangers with Expertise

  1. Sarah

    Simple answer – tell the troll you’ll lose the weight when they gain a brain. Just a little perspective for ya!


  2. Bianca

    There are a couple of trolls that follow the feeds, and constantly leave lame ass comments like that. Their dedication to the cause is quite amusing after a while. We have one who comments everyday calling us obese. Because we obviously don’t know what we look like.

    Welcome to the feed!


  3. Mine couldn’t choose between calling me a stupid bitch, for playing ball injured, or a lying bitch, for claiming to be playing ball. Not surprisingly, went for both.

    Here’s another ‘stranger with expertise’ dropping by to tell you what you already know: take it from the source.


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